"Makeup reveals, like shaping a diamond."
- Mara D'Eleán

My Beauty Trainning

Being a Photographer myself, I fell in Love with Makeup along the way, and firstly I integrated Makeup Art as a tool for my own shoots. Trainning came inevitably, studied Advanced level of Makeup for Ultra HD looks, Tv, cinema and Special Fx. Did also workshops Specialized in Brides, Social Makeup & Red Carpet. Got 7 years experience in TV, Beauty Advisement for Luxury Brands and got the chance to be finalist of Nyx Face Awards national contest. Was jury member of Characterization Contest at Comic Con Portugal and got my wok featured on Tv; publications and magazines. Through my brushed a lot of celebrities have been passing by, for Photoshoots, Campaigns and Production. As a Photographer also, I know just the right look and effect a certain makeup will look on camera (both video and photography). I’d love to consult you to an appointment either on my studio; to your home or location, troughout the country.



Ultra HD skin

Skin is the most important part of your makeup. Although corrected, your skin should look natural and healthy. My makeup looks are designed to look smooth on all kinds of lightning and situations.

Personalized & Quality service

My work is refined to match your needs and personality. I will always do my best to make sure the make I do on you reflects who you are inside and out, matching the best products for you.


Every makeup I do, independent on the service you choose, is made to last a great amount of hours. Water & Sweat proof.

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Photography makeup; Creative aproach and Editorial, to fit publication.


Personalized service, with optional consultation day, maximized to Premium service.


Ultra HD makeup look, adaptable for any kind of production and studio.

Customers reviews

Mara is very professional, artistic and sensitive. She respects the idea of the client. A Before and After very surprising. She's much more than a makeup artist, she's a complete artist! <3

Sandra M.

Mara is an amazing professional! Always so sweet and attentive! She was the perfect choice to do my makeup on my wedding day. I felt like a princess! Since then I have been hiring her makeup services for every party or wedding I attend to. I always have the confidence that her makeup really lasts until next morning if i want to!

Joana F.

Perfeccionist and always attentive to all details. Mara likes to innovate and use the best products. Fairy hands and artist's eye. Getting your makeup done by Mara is having the certainty you'll feel beautiful in the end. It's to relax, closing your eyes while talking to a friend and opening them after a while, feeling the most beautiful person in the world!

Raquel S.

Makeup appointments

Where to Find me

  • At my studio, Lisbon | At your home
  • (+351) 91 394 64 13

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Covid-19 Safety Rules

Thank you for collaborating in the safety for everyone!

If you have any symptoms prior to the day of the service, please consider re-scheduling. Please be sure to deliver details about the makeup service and style required, with photo of the client, in order to make sure I only carry the items absolutely necessary to work – less material exposed means more safety. I have alchool gel for disposal on my studio and on my makeup kit, as well as 70º alcool and isopropilic solutions. I use descartable material now more than before. Isolated material and used brushes on zipped bag, for desinfection.

Barbicide on all surfaces and textil deshinfection. Studio is cleansed after every service. Use of mask and eye protection of me and team. No shoes zone, to prevent proliferation from the street- I’ll give you descartable slipers for your comfort. Alchool gel for disposal. I am accepting only 1 client per day on my studio. Entrance allowed on my
studio only to people required to receive & deliver the job – no
company allowed.