Fine Art photography is where I get to capture your essence and refine it to its full potential through ART.

I come from a FineArt trainning, painting and drawing has always been part of my life since childhood. I started Photography as a tool to help me describe and materialize the stories I drew often. I immediately fell in love with it, when I noticed I could still imagine possibilities and unknown imaginary world with was was right in front of me. Photography is, afterall, painting through light. I compose my photos, just like one composes a painting. I plan the elements to a final concept. When working with people, I like to get inspired by their ideas, by their personalities and ambients. That’s why Fine Art photography is where I get to capture your essence and refine it to its full potential through Art.

Chose your experience

Couple shoots

Celebrate your Love through a serie of Portraits you’ll want to cherish forever, together. Studio or location.

Empowering Portraits

Through this Experience I will lead you into a transformational process towards the best version of yourself, celebrating you as the amazing woman you truly are.

Fantasy & Storytelling

You as a Work of Art. I will consult your ideas and create all the environment for them to come to life.

"Everything I needed to feel like myself again."

Having a photoshoot with Mara was definitely everything I needed to feel like myself again, after a dark period of my life. She made me feel like the most beautiful woman in my life. Thank you Mara for everything.

Sara P.

"A unique touch of magic."

I really enjoyed having photographed with Mara because she is very professional. Her creative sensibility, combined with her unique way of perceiving the world makes the whole experience, as well as the final result, something very unique and magical.

Mafalda S.

what you’ll get

on my photoshoots

Art Consultation

I will consult your ideas and on an online session. We'll talk about the type of shoot you want and what fit better. I will also explain all details about my photoshoots. This service is included on my photoshoot's pricelist.

Styling/Makeup Art & Hair

The styling process is included for my photoshoots. Makeup & Hair also, absolutely detailed and planned to match the concpet we're creating.

Photoshoot day (studio or location)

During the time of our photoshoot, I'll direct you into the best expressions, posing and mood to match the Art we're creating.

FineArt post-production

All my photoshoots are exquisitely edited with great detail and high resolutions. I'll deliver you the best pictures edited.

Covid-19 Safety Rules

Thank you for collaborating in the safety for everyone!

If you have any symptoms prior to the day of the service, please consider re-scheduling. Please be sure to deliver details about the makeup service and style required, with photo of the client, in order to make sure I only carry the items absolutely necessary to work – less material exposed means more safety. I have alchool gel for disposal on my studio and on my makeup kit, as well as 70º alcool and isopropilic solutions. I use descartable material now more than before. Isolated material and used brushes on zipped bag, for desinfection.

Barbicide on all surfaces and textil deshinfection. Studio is cleansed after every service. Use of mask and eye protection of me and team. No shoes zone, to prevent proliferation from the street- I’ll give you descartable slipers for your comfort. Alchool gel for disposal. I am accepting only 1 client per day on my studio. Entrance allowed on my
studio only to people required to receive & deliver the job – no
company allowed.


Where to Find me

  • At my studio, Lisbon - Portugal | All Country and Worldwide
  • (+351) 91 394 64 13